November 10th, 2011

Too Good to be True

July 30th, 2010

Great idea on the site. I feel like this company might be paying its team to post “good” reviews on the internet and we need to offset this. When I first googled Appliance Zone I found corny and suspicious reviews such as “This company was so great! Great customer service..”.

I contacted them via their “rapid response email” service 2 weeks ago. It guaranteed a response in 10 minutes, not that I cared but it took 45 minutes. Not sure why they write 10 minutes. I queried the stock on a basic repair part < $35 and shipping to Canada. The response was that it was in stock and would ship out Monday (it was a Friday). I placed the order early that Monday morning.

2 weeks passed and I assumed it had shipped as I was quoted “Canada (5-10 Days) This option costs $14.95″. I received a USPS shipment notification yesterday, nearly 14 days later claiming my package had been shipped. I was pretty livid as I have been hand washing dishes for a family of 6 for the last 2 weeks and opened a “live chat” session with “Ashley”. As I began talking she did not say a WORD. She copied and pasted numerous statements from their website. I could tell because the ugly formatting like large red/black characters of a specific font came through. She quoted 5-14 BUSINESS days instead of the 5-10 DAYS (notice, NOT business days). I began threatening to tell my story on the internet and she began typing a real conversation. She told me that it would be here within 14 business days as they promised (they promised 10 days, she lied).

It adds insult to injury when I find this article where Jim Allen (CEO) is BRAGGING about making money hand over fist, nearly $1M per month and removing the telephone numbers and offering 10 minute email responses instead:


The emails I received from Appliance Zone were so obviously copied and pasted and off the mark so I responded with a request for the rep to actually write me something (and they did, that it is in stock and ships Monday)

Bottom line, you are playing ROULETTE doing business with this company. When it is good, it is cheap. When it is bad, you will regret trying to save a couple bucks. You can spend hours winding the internet reading about people who are pissed off with these guys. Now it goes without saying this firm is likely doing huge volumes and many will argue that “oh theres just a couple bad experiences that stand out” but what this SHOWS is that the company does NOT care about the customer one bit at all and consumers need to take this into account before doing business with them. This company literally has NO customer service. It has low paid typists whose job is clearly to get rid of you as fast as possible and onto the next paying customer.

Remember folks, if it seems to good to be true (price) IT PROBABLY IS.


more bait and switch

March 18th, 2009

ripoffreport.com report : Appliancezone.com Bait & Switch?? Corydon Indiana

March 9th, 2009

“I purchased an A/C fan on 2/9/09 and paid extra for fast shipping. A week later I went to the web site and found the only way to communication was to Chat. No phone or email address. The person said it would be shipped that day or the next day.

Two weeks later I go back and chat again. They kept telling me to check my email and spam mail. I asked them to tell me what the email said and they typed this out in chat:

‘heather> Good Afternoon, During the process of your order we see that the item that you have purchased has increased. The price has been changed to $36.45. With your permission we can charge you the additional $13.00 and proceed with the order.’

I was speechless. I thought this was illegal???? Read the rest at ripoffreport.com


ApplianceZone.com has bad rating from the Better Business Bureau! BEWARE!

March 5th, 2009

Don’t get screwed! They don’t care as long as they have your money!

Read what the better business bureau has to say here!


another one, ripped off!

March 5th, 2009

from ripoffreport.com -

Appliance Zone – Jim Allen – ApplianceZone.com Refusal to accept return of incorrect item shipped Corydon Indiana – read the report here


they don’t care about their customers

March 5th, 2009

ApplianceZone Customer Service writes:

Ok, honestly I would suggest before purchasing an expensive part to review a Company’s Return Policy first, It might do you some good. Good luck to your new website. But be careful Appliance Zone is a registered trademark and I’ll forward this to Law Firm in Louisville, KY to keep an eye on it and make sure you ain’t breaking any rules.


Other Folks Agree – save yourself and order from a fair retailer.

March 5th, 2009

Hopefully you found this site first, before you got ripped off!

March 5th, 2009

I’ve been ripped off by appliance zone.

More of this story to come in a day or so!  For now, we’ll let the search engines find this site and you can feel free to post your story.

http://appliancezone.com <-this is where you want to go if you want to roll the dice! If you get shipped the wrong part and you need to repair locally (how long can you do without your appliance?!!) they will not refund you.